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About Me....

I have always loved both horses and art, having a pony at home and working in the local art shop on a Saturday I was very fortunate to be immersed in both from an early age.


My initial career however took a turn towards aviation and during my twenties and thirties I was working for airlines flying a 737 around europe.


After having my second child I stopped flying and worked from home, always keeping both riding and art lessons going.


In 2012 I was accepted as a mature student onto a Degree course for a BA Hons in Fine Art, after completing the first year it was clear, although thoroughly enjoying the course and the challenge, that what I really needed to do was get out there and paint.....


So that is what I did and after so many of my friends, relatives and friends of friends wanted me to paint or draw their animal I decided that there was clearly a new career path here!


I have recently been enjoying painting still life, focusing on things that are often overlooked and unused, bringing out their beauty on canvas.


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